Here’s What Kendall Jenner Thinks of First ‘Vogue’ Cover

Kendall Jenner: Only 2 Sisters Knew About My 'Vogue' Cover
Some secrets still exists within the Kardashian family.

Kendall Jenner may have hit a major modeling milestone when she landed her very first American Vogue cover this year, but the 20-year-old believes that she still has “a long way to go” when it comes to achieving what her fashion idols have accomplished.

The reality star-turned-cat walker, who was spotted rocking a skin-tight bodysuit out in Los Angeles Wednesday (Aug. 31, 2016), recently took to her app to reflect on the cover. According to Jenner, she was heavily influenced by the trailblazers before her for the shoot.

“My Vogue cover was such a milestone for me. Words can’t really even describe how proud and honored I feel. It’s everything I’ve been working for since day one of modeling!” she wrote. “And, remember when I cut my hair? Well, as I mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel, it was sort of a collaborative effort specifically for this shoot. The photographers, Mert [Alas] and Marcus [Piggott], texted me their idea a few days before and I was a little hesitant. I ended up sending them a pic of Linda Evangelista that I’ve always been obsessed with.”

She added, “Everyone has been asking me, ‘So, you just met your goal—what’s next?’ All I can say is: Cindy [Crawford] had 17 American Vogue covers. I have a long way to go!”

In Vogue’s podcast, Jenner also mentioned how her entire career has been influenced by supermodels of the ’90s. Though she’s had a few spats with some of them in the past, the fashion It-girl had nothing but nice things to say about the runway greats.

“It’s just so impressive to me that models like Cindy and Linda and Christy [Turlington] and Naomi [Campbell]—they didn’t have what I have today to connect with fans, but they still had that connection with a photo,” she gushed, referring to the constant criticism that Jenner only gets hired for campaigns because of her large social following. “I think that’s so impressive and I guess that’s nothing I’ll never know.”

Previously, Stephanie Seymour accused Jenner and Gigi Hadid of being “bitches of the moment” and not real models because they are so popular on Instagram. Jenner later called her out for not being supportive of up-and-comers.