Kim Kardashian, Drake and Six Other Celebs Make Hats Great Again Also

Last night (Aug. 31, 2016), Rudy Giuliani and others made an appearance at a Donald Trump event wearing hats that read “Make Mexico Great Again Also.” No, seriously.

I can tell you don’t believe me — I didn’t believe it myself at first — but seriously:

The ever-so-slightly-off-the-mark-of-pithy motto is a sequel to “Make America Great Again,” the official and oft-mocked slogan of Trump’s current presidential campaign. Truly though, the sentiment takes on a new dimension when you change “America” to “Mexico” and then tack on an “also” at the end.

Now, I’m not normally one to dabble in politics —  unless you count double-tapping this photo of Lady Gaga in an American flag swimsuit — but I could not resist the urge to take this already-iconic mutant slogan and filter it through the lens of celebrity.

From making Gaga #1 again also (#BUYPERFECTILLUSIONONITUNESWHENEVERITCOMESOUT), to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West making Taylor Swift “Famous” again also, to Drake and Rihanna making their love pass the test of time again also, please enjoy a gallery of eight celebrities making hats great again. Also.

God bless America again also.