This Is What Kaia Gerber Thinks of Her Eerie Resemblance to Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford: Kaia Gerber Admires Kendall Jenner
It's all about the next generation of models.
Kendall Jenner Photographs Kaia Gerber
Kendall Jenner has added another job to her growing résumé.

You may see the similarities, but Kaia Gerber doesn’t really get why people say she looks like her supermodel mom. According to the 14-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford, she didn’t really notice the resemblance until she started modeling.

“People have always told me that and I never saw it until like a year ago, and I was like ‘OK!'” Gerber tells Entertainment Tonight, adding that it’s “undeniable” they possess almost identical features.

Despite getting her mother’s good looks, Gerber shares that she still faces negativity from body shamers and online trolls who want to insult her appearance. However, she’s found a way to deal with that.

“You can’t focus on it because teenage girls have enough stress as it is and the pressure that we put on ourselves is enough,” Gerber explains. “I just don’t look at it because I know those people wouldn’t say things like that if they weren’t hiding behind a computer.”

She adds, “[I’m] really focusing on modeling right now.”