Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Nude Sculpture Now on Sale for $4 Million  

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Talk about art imitating life…

Curious how Kanye West and his team managed to create the controversial video for his track “Famous”? Now, not only can you get to the bottom of the visual sleight of hand, you can take home the intricate sculpture behind the controversial video. That is if you have $4 million lying around.

The 12-figure creation was unveiled at the Los Angeles art gallery Blum & Poe last weekend; Kim Kardashian attended the event while West himself Skyped in to talk about the project. The sculpture is no longer on display, but it is for sale.

According to MTV, the gigantic sculpture cost between $500,000 and $1 million to create. The figures even make breathing movements, which are powered by nine-volt batteries. The piece was the result of months of research for West’s creative house DONDA in order to get the celebrity recreations as accurate as possible. The figures even have real human hair.

So…are you an eccentric millionaire and Kanye West superfan looking to impress and perhaps horrify your friends?