Adam Brody Says He Wouldn’t Be Able to Handle ‘O.C.’ Fame Today

Adam Brody recently opened up about what it would be like to star on a show as popular as The O.C. in 2016.

The actor revealed in a new interview that he believes that the level of  fame he and co-stars Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie and Rachel Bilson faced when the show began 13 years ago would be much crazier in this day and age.

“That show came out in 2003, and in terms of how fast technology is moving ? Well, maybe not, that’s a long time ago now, but still? No Twitter, no TMZ. I think it would be so different now to be on something like that,” he told AOL Build. “You would be bombarded so much more and have so much less privacy. I still feel like I had a fair amount of privacy.”

But although the fame was a lot back then, Brody is very thankful. “I don’t envy people in that situation really, but then again, it’s still a good problem to have. It’s one of those things where I’m torn because on one hand you think, ‘Oh, paparazzi, they shouldn’t be allowed to bother these people.’ Myself included, but not nearly as much as some others,” he said.

Who else just got in the mood for an O.C marathon over the long weekend?