LISTEN: Nicki Minaj Raps About Harambe in New Song ‘The Pinkprint Freestyle’

Nicki Minaj just dropped a new track.

The rapper released a new song titled “The Pinkprint Freestyle” on SoundCloud on Sunday (Sep. 4, 2016) — and it includes mentions to Lil’ Wayne, Meek Mill, and Harambe. The six-minute track, which features her trademark rapid-fire delivery, is a friendly reminder that she’s still at the top of her game.

“Anytime they count me out, I be like Usain. B–ch I come back like Jordan in his ‘Flu Game’. Every time I shoot it, it be all net,” Minaj, 33, raps in the song. “They wanna know my recipe. They know I ball like those n—– at the ESPYs.”

She later mentions Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla who was killed in May in order to save a child’s life. “I’m dragging these hoes likes Harambe did the kid,” she spits.

The song abruptly shifts gears toward the end, as Minaj sings M.I.A.‘s hit single “Paper Planes” in her signature British accent. “M.I.A., M.I.A., I make bitches go M.I.A.,” she says.

Following the track’s release, M.I.A. sent Minaj a message of gratitude on Twitter.

Listen to the full track below!

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