Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba Embarrass Tom Hiddleston as He Accepts His TV Choice Award

Tom Hiddleston is having a less than ideal week, with his three-month relationship with Taylor Swift coming to an abrupt end, but at least he knows Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba will always have his back.
Hiddleston, who is currently in Australia with his co-stars filming the next installment of Thor, won the TV Choice Award for Best Actor for The Night Manager but was not able to attend the awards. Instead, Hiddleston filmed a short acceptance speech to be played during the ceremony, and Hemsworth and Elba made sure the actor knew just how proud of him they are.

Hemsworth and Elba join Hiddleston on camera, asking what exactly he’s filming before admitting they haven’t watched the show, which prompts Elba to ask, “Why didn’t Luther get nominated?”

Hemsworth proceeds to accept the award on Hiddleston’s behalf, noting there are three stars on the award, one star for each of the leading men.

Watch the hilarious video below.