Kendall Jenner’s Fashion Week Prep Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Kendall Jenner is making the most of her time on the west coast.

In preparation to her annual cross-country pilgrimage to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week, the model, who was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles, shared exactly what she does before resuming work on the runway. Writing on her app, the 20-year-old revealed she spends two whole days packing for the trip and has three assistants in her house to help her prep.

“I ship a lot of clothes beforehand and then I’ll bring two suitcases with me,” she penned. “In the past, I’ve accumulated more things in my travels (like purchases I make and gifts from designers), so I’ve had to buy extra suitcases, LOL.”

According to Jenner, she always leaves the house two hours before her flight and takes zero — yes, zero! — snacks with her for the plane ride.

“I used to be a nervous flier and leave really early but now I’m used to it,” she wrote. “I buy all my snacks at the newsstand at the airport” (Well, she does have the money to pay for airport food unlike us plebes.)

Jenner also added that she has to turn off 10 different lights and lock five separate doors when leaving her home. Following a scary brush with her stalker, the fashion It-girl noted that security is her top priority nowadays.

“The night a stalker followed me into my property was so scary and I’m still recovering from it, but I’ve SERIOUSLY ramped up my security since. I now know I need people protecting me 24/7 because even in if I lived in a gated community, I would still be vulnerable,” she explained in another post about her high and low points of the summer. “I feel much safer now that I have so much security.”