Lady Gaga Confirms First Single from Fifth Album: ‘Perfect Illusion’ 

Get ready, this week is gonna be all about Gaga!

After several days of speculation, the muse of the masses, siren of the stans and belle of the ball, Lady Gaga finally confirmed via Twitter that the first single off her fifth album is indeed “Perfect Illusion” and it will be officially arriving this Friday, Sept. 9, 2016. Needless to say, her fans are losing their minds with anticipation.

Prepare to flood your local radio station with Tweets demanding “Perfect Illusion” stay on permanent rotation! And if you do, some diehard Gaga fanatics have some, shall we say unorthodox, advice.

First reported by BuzzFeed, one fan posted a message on GagaDaily recommending fans create cheery soccer mom Twitter accounts because, in their opinion, radio DJs aren’t so keen on the stans.

“If you have a stan Twitter don’t request using it,” they wrote. “Radio hosts hate homosexuals and stan Twitters, it’s a fact. Make an account with a soccer mom selfie avatar, make your username something like ‘ilovemykids123’ and write a bio about how you have three kids and a husband. Then write a tweet like ‘@RadioStation ahah my kids luv this new GaGa song!!! driving me mad on my way to work!! play it please.’”

Gaga Fan Screengrab
CREDIT: GagaDaily/BuzzFeed

Then…let’s just say a lot of soccer moms kinda appeared out of nowhere on Twitter, demanding “Perfect Illusion.”

Stans and (not-so-real) soccer moms alike, get the word out!