Channing Tatum ‘Freaks Out’ After Learning He’s Going to Meet Simone Biles on ‘Ellen’

Like most human beings, Channing Tatum is a huge fan of Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, which is why he all but lost it when he learned he was finally going to meet her.

Tatum was lucky enough to snag a spot on the same episode of Ellen as Biles, but apparently the Magic Mike star had no idea he was going to meet the Olympian until he got on stage. “Simone is back there, did you meet her backstage?” Ellen DeGeneres asks Tatum. “No I didn’t, but I want to,” he admits before adding, “I’m gonna freak out.”

Degeneres points out that Biles will probably freak out too, but Tatum maintains he’s going to “freak out more, I bet.” Before Tatum has the chance to meet Biles, he takes a moment to reveal to Degeneres his secret theory as to why the pint sized athlete is such an amazing gymnast.

“I have a theory, though. My theory is that she’s so tiny that she has a harder time holding onto the ground than actually, like, going up. She’s just always flying away. I think she’s got really, really strong toes and it helps her hold onto the ground,” he explains. “All the time, to keep herself from flying away. If I came down with that much force, my kneecaps would pop right out of the building.”

Later in the episode, during Biles’ interview, Degeneres tells the gymnast she has the perfect place for her to display her many gold medals. Cue Tatum emerging from backstage on a pedestal, adorned in Biles’ many medals. Tatum and Biles adorable freak out over meeting each other, before Biles lets him and DeGeneres each wear one of her medals as they posed for a selfie.

Launch the video up top to see the entire adorable moment.