Gwyneth Paltrow Explains If She’s Actually Leaving Goop or Not

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Gwyneth Paltrow plans to stay off the silver screen.

Gwyneth Paltrow changed the way we looked at expensive gifts you can never afford and vagina-steaming forever when she launched goop in 2008. After hinting that she may “separate” herself from the lifestyle brand in July, the actress created a media frenzy that can only be quelled by the founder herself. So, is Paltrow actually leaving goop?

“Even though the world thought I had left goop for a minute when my sentiment about wanting the brand to not need me was twisted by the press, business was unaffected. Which means that my original vision is possible,” she explained — albeit still a little vague — in a new interview with LinkedIn. “Even though I am solidly in the trenches every day, goop is on its way to being much bigger than I am. A solidly un-Hollywood dream.”

“As we go, it becomes clearer and clearer what the mission is. It is me, but we also really are collective. I didn’t name it Gwyneth Paltrow Life or whatever. I named it goop,” she continued. “I really want it to be its own company and I think the real scalability comes when I am not as inextricably linked with the company.”

She added, “I really encourage collaboration and I encourage respect. I want it to feel fun. I want people to come to work and feel good. I think work life balance is important. I want to inspire my team and I want to bring out the best in them all the time.”

Paltrow also spoke about famously announcing her divorce with ex-husband Chris Martin through her site. Though the post is still one of the highest goop-related searches on Google, the 43-year-old admitted that it was a move she’ll probably never do again.

“It sort of wouldn’t be appropriate now. It is a much bigger business and I’m not sure it would be the right place to do something like that,” she said. “At that time, goop wasn’t the size that it is now, there were a lot less people. It was a very, very personal project for a long time and I wrote in the first person all the time, so it wasn’t like a break. Now if you read the content, it is not in the first person anymore.”

Paltrow shared, “At the time, it was still very small and very personal. It was such a difficult time in my life and I was trying so hard to protect my children and my family, Chris included. We were both fragile. It was really tough. To me it felt like this is a quiet way to do this and it is contained.”

As for the future of goop, Paltrow only has high hopes. While she admittedly has no idea where the website will end up, she noted that she’ll do everything in her power to make sure that it’ll always be in good hands.

“I feel like we are just at like the acorn stage of fulfilling our potential. I have never known where goop is going, it has always caught me by surprise. We’ll just have to see,” she noted. “I am open to anything. I could sell it. I could pass it to my kids.”