Jessica Alba On Her Laid Back Approach to Fitness

It’s been more than a decade since Jessica Alba filmed Into the Blue, which put her insane bikini body on display, and all these years later the mother-of two-looks even better than ever.

One would imagine maintaining a body like Alba’s requires endless hours of exercise and a super strict vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free diet, but surprisingly Alba’s approach to fitness it pretty relaxed. “If I work out four times, I consider it a successful week,” Alba revealed in the latest issue of Shape. “But it’s typically more like two to three days a week because that’s what I have time for.

“I take Spin or hot yoga classes in the morning, and I sacrifice sleep to fit them in,” she continued. “For me, the benefits of exercise are more mental than physical. Working out takes away that little edge so that I feel happier and more productive and my brain can get kick started.”

Alba, who as the founder of Honest Co., is dedicated to living an organic lifestyle, she doesn’t restrict her diet too much in her day-to-day life, unless she’s trying trying to slim down. “In that case, I usually don’t eat gluten, dairy, fried foods, or processed foods. I try to stick to a diet that’s low in sugar and carbs and high in lean protein and vegetables.”

And when she’s looking to indulge, she never denies herself her favorites, “I just ate like a gallon of popcorn! Also, while I don’t usually have dessert, I do really like strawberry shortcake. I mean I really, really like it.”