JWoww on Her Slimmer Bod and How She Doesn’t Want a ‘Saggy Face’

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For Jenni "JWoww" Farley, nothing is too controversial when it comes to her tattoos

Jenni “JWoww” Farleytold Entertainment Tonight that she used the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards as a goal to get back into shape after having her second child, son Greyson, last May – and she succeeded.

JWoww attended the VMAs with her bestie Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and was almost unrecognizable in her plunging black stress, complete with see-through slits in the skirt and cutouts along the sides. JWoww also sported some serious Disney princess tattoos.

The reality TV star posted on Instagram how proud she was of her accomplishment and how moving forward she is going to be the woman she always “wanted to be but couldn’t because I allowed insecurities and self doubt get in the way.”

I have never felt more beautiful. My body did amazing things giving birth to my two beautiful children. Even though I may have been thinner prior to them… I never reached this level of love and appreciation for my body that I have until today. During my pregnancy with Greyson, I told myself I want to get back in shape for myself, my family and for all the women out there that think after having kids they can’t love how they look. I had an amazing conversation with the owner of @310nutrition and I explained “I don’t want to gain the weight I did with meilani. I didn’t feel like myself after I gave birth to her and I don’t want to lose myself when becoming a mother of two.” Long story short, with the support of @310nutrition and everyone around me… I kicked ass! I am going to continue to kick ass for all the moms like me that had insecurities after their pregnancies and think they can’t ever get back to where they were. Don’t ever look in the past. Look in the future with your beautiful babies and know you can have your body back but the “better version” The version that carried your perfect babies! So, I’m here to say you need to love ounce of yourself… Every stretch mark… Every part of you that makes you, YOU. I am thankful for my journey getting to this point and every goal I hit after. I could not of done this without @310nutrition and my family! I love you guys I love my healthy shakes and the support you gave me to get my confidence back Today marks the first day of a new chapter in my life. Moving forward, I will be the woman I always wanted to be but couldn’t because I allowed insecurities and self doubt get in the way. Today and everyday after, I will be confident in myself, who I am as a mother, wife and just bad ass person. and I truly feel this is the best I have ever looked.

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JWoww explained to ET how she has dealt with Internet trolls who criticize her looks and say she’s a bad mother to Greyson and daughter Meilani, 2: She’s turned off the commenting on her Instagram.

“I did it by accident,” she said of her first time experimenting with the feature. “Now I can post whatever I want and not have to worry, because yeah, I feel criticized all the time [to the point] where I don’t post pictures.”

As for rumors she’s had plastic surgery on her face, JWoww said she just laughs. “I laugh because like I said, I haven’t… My weight fluctuates, my tan fluctuates. I take it as a compliment because I don’t want to look like the girl that was 25 walking into the Jersey Shore house anymore with no knowledge on makeup.”

Still, if plastic surgery were required down the line, she wouldn’t be opposed to it. “I’m always the one that says, ‘Do it for the right reasons. Do it because it’s like truly what you want to make yourself happy.’ I’m 31 years old. I’m not getting any younger. I’m going to do the non-invasive surgeries and things like that to stay youthful so I don’t, when I’m like 50, 60, 70, have to do the more dramatic ones.”

“I love the way I look and am totally honest and open with it,” she added. “I do not want a saggy face in 30 years!”

Season 2 of Snooki & JWoww: Moms With Attitude premieres Sept. 12 on Go90 and the Awestruck YouTube channel.