Lady Gaga Shares ‘Perfect Illusion’ Cover Art and Lyrics to the Delight of Soccer Moms Everywhere

'Perfect Illusion'
Lady Gaga confirms her new single's release date.

Yesterday (Sept. 6, 2016), just hours after confirming the release date of “Perfect Illusion,” her first pop single in three years, Lady Gaga revealed the aforementioned single’s cover art and a taste of its lyrical content. And a chorus from heaven was heard: YAAAASSSSS QUEEEEEEEEEN!

Posting to Instagram and Twitter, Gaga shared these generous gifts with her Little Monsters, a fanbase so thirsty for Gaga to reclaim the Pop Throne that they have taken to impersonating soccer moms on Twitter in an attempt to fool radio stations into playing the song. (Godga bless the internet, and Godga bless stan culture.)

This is the single cover:

CREDIT: Twitter / @LadyGaga

And yes, it has already become a meme:


Gaga also shared some of the song’s lyrics along with new photos, some of which, presumably, are taken from the music video which, also presumably, will be released along with the song on Friday:

CREDIT: Lady Gaga / Twitter

Those lyrics, if you are having a hard time deciphering Gaga’s handwriting, are as follows:

“I don’t need eyes to see 

I felt you touchin’ me

High like amphetamine

Maybe you’re just a dream”

Meanwhile, Gaga, according to her Snapchat, is en route to Berlin, where she will apparently play music from her new album — codename: #LG5 — for her European record label(s). It’s so like her to dump a f***ton of information on us and then jet off to a foreign land, leaving us to stew alone in our own excitement and anxiety. I guess we aren’t alone, though: we have each other. Hold me until Friday, please and thanks.

“Perfect Illusion” drops this Friday, September 9. See you on the other side.