So Spoiled: Sam and Dean Are ‘Surrounded by Enemies’ in Season 12 of ‘Supernatural’ 

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Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Lucille (that terrifying barbwire-covered...

Stop what you’re doing and take a peek at these juicy spoilers!

The fall TV lineup has begun and we’ve rounded up some delectable bits of info on shows we know you love including Supernatural, Nashville and more.

First and foremost…are you dying to know if Eleven will be returning for Season 2 of Stranger Things?

“Mark my words: The pint-sized, chrome-domed, Eggo-addicted super-heroine will be back in some form,” wrote Michael Ausiello. [TV Line]

Curious who or what the Winchester brothers will be battling in Season 12 of Supernatural?

“At the beginning of the season, Lucifer’s still out there. You’ve got the British Men of Letters, and you’ve got a couple other players,” said showrunner Andrew Dabb. “It’s less Sam and Dean having to go up against one enemy and it’s more Sam and Dean, especially as the season progresses, feeling they’re surrounded by enemies, some of whom may be people they have viewed as allies up until this point.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Fans of Rayna on Nashville, listen up! A few weeks ago, TV Line reported that Connie Britton will unfortunately be leaving the show after the forthcoming season.

Then, last week news broke that Britton’s character will be hounded by a stalker in Season 5. It’s hard not see a troubling connection here… [TV Line]

Wondering if Barry will still have his powers in the new timeline on The Flash?

“He does,” EP Andrew Kreisberg said while explaining how power will be discussed in the new season. “One of the themes is what does it mean to have power, what you do with that power, and is power ultimately corrupting?” [Entertainment Weekly]