Zendaya Recalls Her Encounter with a Super Racist Grocery Store Clerk

Zendaya claims she was the victim of racism at a supermarket after the clerk refused to serve her because of her “skin tone.”

The new Spider-Man star took to Snapchat on Tuesday night (Sept. 6, 2016) to complain about the awful experience in a series of short videos. She explained that she was trying to buy gift cards when a racist store clerk allegedly tossed her wallet and treated her as though she couldn’t afford it.

“The lady that was helping us, I don’t think she was a huge fan of our skin tone,” Zendaya, 20, said, recalling the moment. “In fact, I recall her not trying to help us at all, saying that we couldn’t buy the gift cards and then throwing my wallet.”

“You can’t make this s–t up. I just can’t make this s–t up! You know? This is what we deal with!” she continued, before adding, “There’s so much progress to be done in our world.”

She concluded her Snapchat story by saying that the manager of the store reached out to her and helped her get everything she needed. Watch it all below!

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