Shannon Purser (AKA Barb on ‘Stranger Things’) Has Quickly Become a Hot Commodity in Hollywood 

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Justice for Barb!

Everyone loved Stranger Things for different reasons: The heaping portions of ‘80s nostalgia, a fresh new take on the teenage horror flick, and we can’t forget young Millie Bobby Brown’s mesmerizing performance as Eleven. But you’d be lying if you said the nerdy teen Barb Holland (played by Shannon Purser) didn’t somehow manage to find her way into your heart. Now, Purser is making the rounds among the industry’s top casting directors and is already lining up new roles.

For the 19-year-old actress from Atlanta, Stranger Things was her first acting role but it certainly won’t be her last. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she has met with casting directors with ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Sony, Warner Bros., TBS/TNT and more.

She will be appearing again in the The CW’s Archie reboot Riverdale and she landed a starring role alongside Melissa McCarthy in a new comedy titled Life of the Party.

Matt Shelton, the actress’s manager with LINK Entertainment, spoke with THR about the overnight acclaim for his young client:

It’s been a whirlwind of an experience to have such a high level of excitement surrounding Shannon, and the types of meetings and projects coming her way. It’s a true testament to the layers and nuance she was able to build into the character to help it resonate with the audience the way it has, and of course, a little luck.”