WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears Hilariously Exploit Being Celebrities at the Mall

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Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears know exactly how to behave as the rich and famous, especially while in a mall.

“I wanted to take advantage of the celebrity lifestyle with my famous friends,” DeGeneres said on her show on Wednesday (Sept. 7). “So I called Britney Spears and took her to the Westfield Fashion Square Mall. I told her we could do whatever we wanted because we’re famous.”

What happen next was simply LOL as the two stars expected A-list treatment everywhere they went, from taking a small purse at a mall kiosk or getting ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s (except DeGeneres just wanted, quite literally, a handful of sprinkles).

DeGeneres and Spears even talked with some small children and their parents. The comedian stressed, “Start auditioning them early, put them on diets, get them facials, massages. If you want to be taken care of by your children, start auditioning them now!”

In the end, being entitled all day wiped the two out, so they found a home-goods store and climbed into on the display beds for a little nap. Watch the hilarity above!