Joe Manganiello Will Be the Villain in Ben Affleck’s Standalone Batman Movie 

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Joe Manganiello, the True Blood star, and SofíaVergara’s hubby, has been confirmed as the new baddie in BenAffleck’s buzz-worthy Batman flick.

According to The Wall Street Journal, DC Entertainment’s president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns, Manganiello will be playing the mysterious mercenary Deathstroke in the forthcoming film, doing battle with Affleck’s Caped Crusader.

Last week, in a (Death) stroke of marketing genius, the Argo director posted an unprompted clip of the armored bad guy ominously walking toward the camera in slow motion. Unsurprisingly, the DC fandom erupted with speculation.


The footage is presumably from the set of Justice League, which is currently in production. So Manganiello will likely be dropping by the superhero squad because DC just loves those cameos.

Also, if you haven’t given the Justice League trailer a whirl, here you go: