Here’s Why Britney Spears’ Original ‘Make Me’ Video Was Never Released

Britney Spears’ manager finally addressed the reason why the original “Make Me” music video wasn’t released.

“It’s really simple. The video just didn’t work. This is the first time we’ve reshot a video, and because it’s Britney there are all kinds of conspiracies,” Larry Rudolph recently told the Los Angeles Times. “Nobody is hiding anything.”

Fans immediately wondered what could have gone wrong after the “Make Me” video was nothing like the behind-the-scenes footage Spears shared on Instagram in June. They even went as far as to start a petition to ask the record company to “release the original video that was filmed by David Lachapelle for the song.”

This is the teaser Spears originally shared:

Day one: ✔️

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So, guess we need to accept the “Make Me” video “just didn’t work,” huh? We’re sure the 12,000 people who signed the petition will be happy with this answer.