Ariel Winter Postpones Her College Plans for a Year

Ariel Winter won’t be heading to UCLA to start her first semester of college this fall after all.

Winter tells E! News that she is holding off on entering her freshman year at the university for a year while she completes her professional projects.

“Due to my production schedule, I have to start next year,” she told E! at the Emmys Casting Nominees Reception on Thursday (Sept. 9, 2016). “So I will be starting as a [UCLA] Bruin next year.”

Winter plans to still major in political science as she originally intended. She told People that she hopes to become a lawyer one day in the future.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to become a lawyer, and social justice just feels like it fits for me,” said Winter. “I want to continue acting and also go to law school. I think the more knowledge you have, can only better your life.”

Winter also addressed the rumors about her alleged romance with Sterling Beaumon following her breakup from Laurent Claude Gaudette.

“It’s funny, you know? Everyone thinks when a girl walks out with a guy, and they’re friends, immediately it has to be that they’re dating if they spend a lot of time together when really it’s just that people have friends. They see each other,” said Winter.”I have girl best friends, I have guy best friends. I spend all the time with my friends so it’s a stigma that I find kind of irritating that we’re always having to be linked to somebody. I say if we’re linked to somebody and we want to talk about it, we’ll talk about it.”

Winter says that there’s a good chance that one of these friends will be her date to the Emmys this year.

“It rotates. I might take a friend [to the Emmys]. I might bring one of my family members,” said Winter. “As everyone thinks I’m dating someone, I’m not. I’m like, so single. If I was dating someone I would let everyone know, but I’m not. So it really just depends. I might bring a friend this year.”

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