Britney Spears Confesses She Doesn’t Listen to Her Own Music

Britney Spears is a certified pop icon who’s music has inspired thousands of people for decades, but there’s at least one person who doesn’t listen to her music: the pop princess herself.

During a recent interview with Flaunt Spears revealed that despite her countless hits, she has no interest in listening to her own music. “It’s funny, because I don’t really listen to my music,” she admitted. “My kids do and my nieces do. I’m about the creative process. I’m in the moment of being creative and then I put it out there.”

While it sounds like Spears is purposely avoiding her music, that’s not the case here; she’s just all about the “new.” “Of course, I sing my songs every night [at her ongoing residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas], and I have to listen to it that way, but I’m all about change. And new. And forthcoming.”

And even though Spears doesn’t find comfort in her old music, she still hopes her fans do. “But, there is a part of me in my music and I hope, for my fans, that they can have that part of me when they hear me on the radio, or buy my CD, or whatever they do.”