WATCH: Justin Bieber Gives BBC Radio 1 a Peek at His L.A. Crib 

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In a rare turn, Justin Bieber welcomed BBC Radio 1 personality Clara Amfo to his LA home to talk about how he spends his off hours and separating his touring life from songwriting.

Lately, the 22-year-old crooner hasn’t been all that friendly with the press. But surprisingly, Bieber recently allowed a British correspondent and her team to check out his SoCal home and talk shop.

In the video, Amfo and Bieber wander down to a pond in his yard where he says he goes every morning. While there, the pop star points out a nearby hike he often likes to do. Bieber also opens up about what needs to be able to write new music.

“Well, touring is pretty grueling as it is and focusing on that I think is the important thing,” he says when asked about writing on the road. “Making sure I’m healthy, making sure my mind is right. I think the creative process is such a different…your mind has to be in a totally different mode, so I don’t think it’s really good, for me at least, to be in that mode when I’m on tour.”

Other highlights include shooting baskets with the singer, checking out the inflatable slide for his sister, and a visit from the Biebs’ fluffy pooch Ted.

Check out the clip above!