Breaking Hair News: Vince Vaughn Goes Bald for New Role

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Yesterday (Sept. 8, 2016), Vince Vaughn was spotted out strolling the streets of New York City with a new hairdo. Scratch that; he had no hairdo whatsoever. The Hacksaw Ridge star has reportedly adopted his chrome dome for an upcoming prison film.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 46-year-old actor is prepping for Brawl in Cell Block 99. The film centers on a boxer who tries his hand at drug running, landing him in a penitentiary that is quickly turning into a war zone. The film also stars Jennifer Carpenter and Don Johnson.

Going bald for a meaty role has become a minor trend recently. We all remember those snaps of Matthew McConaughey sporting the most unfortunate head of hair thus far in his career for his role in the forthcoming drama Gold. And Christian Bale’s comb-over in American Hustle is a gruesome masterpiece.

Check out Vince’s follicle-free melon in the gallery above!