WATCH: Nate Parker Abruptly Ends an Interview After Being Asked About Rape Controversy

Nate Parker is trying to move on following the fallout from the resurfacing of his college rape allegations.

Parker’s directorial debut film, The Birth of a Nation, held its first public screening over the weekend at the Toronto Film Festival, marking the beginning of a brand new press tour for Parker. Parker, who has already addressed the controversy in several interviews, as well as with a lengthy Facebook post, opted to forgo a red carpet for the screening and instead filmed private interviews with various outlets.

Now, CBC’s Eli Glasner is accusing Parker of cutting short their interview to avoid answering a question surrounding the allegations. Glasner says he was given five minutes to interview Parker and was nowhere near the end of his allotted time when he asked whether Fox Searchlight had changed their strategy due the heightened media attention because of the controversy.

In the video above, you can see Glasner almost doesn’t have the chance to finish his question, when someone off screen says, “Thanks Eli, we gotta wrap up.”

Parker has yet to comment on the abrupt end of the interview. Launch the video up top to see the entire moment.

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