Adrian Grenier: ‘I Am Perpetually Single for the Sake of My Fans’

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CREDIT: FameFlynet

Adrian Grenier, the man with the so-called “biggest penis” ever, isn’t about to make his relationship status official.

Speaking with New York Magazine‘s The Cut, the actor spews out informative — and perhaps a tad pretentious — gems about his life. Aside from claiming that he “pioneered Williamsburg” and that attending Burning Man was like Christopher Columbus discovering America for the first time, Grenier opens up on dating since his Entourage days.

“I can’t speak to [prospective dategoers’] wealth of knowledge or wisdom, but Entourage struck a chord. It was a cultural phenomenon, it defined an era, it’s undeniably an amazing show, so it would be naïve to pretend that that wasn’t a reality,” he tells the publication, adding that he would never date anyone who isn’t socially aware of the world. “We’re in the information age. People know more about their world, about the corporations, about what’s possible, about how we can connect with others who share their values and unite against common goals and causes, and those are the people I’m bonding with. Not the ignorant people who only watch reality television.”

When broached with the subject of if he’s single, he replies, “In K-Pop, they completely manufacture their pop stars and they make the pop stars sign contracts where they vow not to date because they’re supposed to be the property of the people, they’re supposed to be perpetually single and attainable. So in honor of that episode and the Korean pop stars that I aspire to be, I am perpetually single for the sake of my fans.”

In fact, Grenier seems to be really aware of his celebrity status. Admitting that he recognizes most people will know him as Vinnie Chase, he hopes he can use his fame to do something food for the world. (Like Leonardo DiCaprio, Grenier is heavily involved raising awareness about pollution and environmentalism.)

“Acting is my day job, but at night, I get to be a superhero,” he says. “Everybody can be a superhero every day by doing very simple things. Change the world.”

“The celebrity thing is what you make it,” Grenier explains. “Look, I have an opportunity to live like Burning Man all the time because I have the opportunity to meet people who can open up and be present with me … And I can shame them for it and act holier than thou or have those authentic moments with people every day. I’m lucky.”