Chrissy Teigen Steps in It Again on Twitter over the Word ‘Oriental’

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Chrissy Teigen once again found herself defending her comments on Twitter, this time revolving around the word “oriental” to describe salad dressing.

It started while the supermodel was on a flight and saw the option “oriental dressing” on the menu. She tweeted, “I really really really really clearly am not a PC type of gal but I’m a little weirded out at the oriental dressing option on my flight. Like, if you’re over 50 you can call me oriental to my face but this is a new menu and I’m not a rug.”

Most of the comments were tame until one Twitter user stirred it up when they asked Teigen if she thought that word was offensive. She replied, “Not offensive, really. Just weird. Old school. Just say Asian,” adding that her “PC-ness is very lenient.”

That’s when the Twitterverse exploded, demanding why Teigen wouldn’t be offended by that (her mother is Thai and her father is of Norwegian descent). The new mom tried to clarify her stance that while some would consider the word offensive, she wasn’t personally insulted by it.

“But them saying ‘oriental’ makes no impact on me. I know that, most of the time, their intention is not to hurt,” she continued. “It’s not a slur, though. It’s just a bit of forgivable ignorance.”

Then it just wouldn’t end: “@chrissyteigen sorry, but they are correct. ‘oriental’ is pejorative/derogatory when its used to describe people from Asia,” responded one user. Another wrote, [email protected] I agree, it might not be offensive to her but it’s considered offensive to many. It perpetuates cultural ignorance.”

Finally, Teigen just had to call the whole thing a “miscommunication,” adding, “Do I think saying “oriental” is inappropriate? Yes. Laughable and ignorant. Am I OFFENDED when I hear it? No.”



This isn’t the first time Teigen has gotten into a feud with Twitter users over something she’s said, so she’s thankful to be “reminded” by it all.