Britney Spears Doesn’t Think She Lives Up to Her ‘Godney’ Nickname

Like most fandoms, fans of Britney Spears worship at the feet of the pop princess, but while she’s appreciative of the love and support, she’s not sure if she deserves nicknames like “Godney” and ‘The Holy Spearit.”

“That’s just how the fans are – and I don’t want to let them down,” Spears admitted to NME. “At the end of the day we’re all human and we all make mistakes. It’s really flattering but I don’t know if I can set my bar that high!”

While Spears isn’t sure how she feels about her nicknames, one thing she is sure of is her latest album Glory“Honestly, this is the first project where I’ve really been hands-on,” she said. “I was really specific about who I worked with and I’ve been learning to say no.”