WATCH: DJ Khaled Gets Told He’s ‘Too Dramatic’ as He Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver in NYC

A few New Yorkers were in for the surprise of their lives when DJ Khaled decided to go undercover as a Lyft driver.

Undercover is a bit of an exaggeration… Khaled donned a hat, sunglasses, and a jumpsuit with the name “Billi” embroidered over his chest, but he still looked 100% like himself. While his disguise was nowhere near original, he still managed to fool a few people, including some self proclaimed DJ Khaled fans.

While Khaled didn’t reveal his true identity until the end of the ride, things got a little awkward when he asked one passenger what she thought of DJ Khaled. “Ok, he’s a bit much for me,” the passenger confessed before adding, “He’s a bit dramatic.” Khaled tried to defend himself, but the passenger couldn’t help but giggle.

Launch the video up top to watch the entire clip.

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