Kaley Cuoco Thinks 10 Seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Are Enough

Over the last 10 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, fans have come to know and love Kaley Cuoco and her beloved character Penny.

While being a lead character on one of the highest-rated shows on TV sounds like a sweet deal, it seems like Cuoco may be ready for a new project. Cuoco stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week and admitted she has mixed feelings about signing on for Season 11.

“It’s a very expensive question for a lot of people,” Cuoco joked when asked about season 11.  “It’s a lot of hair. That’s a lot of denim sizes,” she continued. “10 years, come on! That’s all of my 20s. I went from like hot to like 30 [years old].”

“I just cannot believe how much we have all changed. The guys look exactly the same. I’m the only one that’s changed. They’ve worn the same t-shirts this entire time.”

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