WATCH: Kristen Bell Mocks the Gender Wage Gap in New Video

Why outsource labor when it costs just as much to hire women in America? That’s what Kristen Bell is arguing for in a new satirical video about Pinksourcing, a fictitious company that help businesses save money by paying women just 77 cents on the dollar.

“Why outsource all your production to faraway countries like India, China, and Narnia when we have the cheapest and best workforce right here in the good ole U.S. of A.: women,” Bell says in the corporate video spoof. “More importantly, you don’t have to pay women overtime. They’ll never ask for a raise and they don’t complain about their working conditions.”

“Also, you don’t have to pay for women’s birth control,” she says. “Best of all, you can promote anyone besides them, especially if they’re less qualified!”

Bell’s humorous take on the problems of the gender wage gap is a part of the Huffington Post’s new series, Celebs Have Issues, where stars will use humor raise awareness about important topics such as transgender rights and mental health.

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