WATCH: Paris Jackson Defends Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie in Tearful Rant About Cyberbullies

An emotional Paris Jackson called out cyberbullies in a series of videos posted to Instagram.

In the now-deleted video, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson broke down in tears while talking about online trolls and her past suicide attempt. She even defended Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie’s relationship against their haters.

“I don’t understand how there can be so much hatred in the world right now,” Jackson, 18, said. “I’ve tried sticking up for myself. I’ve tried the whole blocking the haters thing, not reading the comments. I’ve tried a lot of things, ignoring it. But it’s hard.”

“When I was 14 I got so much hatred that I tried to kill myself and I took, like, a two-year break from social media and then people asked me to come back, to make my Instagram public again, so I did. And nothing changed! I’m just tired of it,” she added.

“Justin Bieber went into a downward spiral because everybody that he dates gets so much hate,” Jackson said, hours after posting the tweet below.

Watch her tearful rant in the video above.