Sarah Jessica Parker Had Some Very Nice Things to Say About Kim Kardashian

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she was “incredibly impressed” with Kim Kardashian’s “presence.”

The Sex and the City alum, who recently met the reality star backstage at Kanye West’s concert, had only good things to say about their encounter. “She was lovely,” she told The Daily Mail. “My son is a huge Kanye fan and they were really gracious and allowed him time with Kanye, and that was in large part Kim’s doing.”

But it seems like Kardashian wasn’t all about just about taking selfies. “It was so cool to watch her with my phone,” Parker added. “She took my phone and was like ‘let me shoot this whole thing’ and she shot the whole conversation with Kanye and my son, which was so sweet.”

“There was a focus that I witnessed, not just with my son, who she gave a lot of time to, but with everyone in the room,” Parker, 51, also noted about Kardashian. “She was never looking over her shoulder, she was hospitable and lovely.”

Meanwhile, besides launching her new fragrance, Stash, in London this week, the actress also revealed that a third Sex and the City movie is still possible. “Today the answer is it’s not on the table but that doesn’t mean it’s not in the warming drawer,” she said.