WATCH: Scott Eastwood Admits He’s Single, Doesn’t Wear Underwear

Listen up, ladies: Scott Eastwood is single.

In his latest appearance on Ellen, the hunky actor revealed that he’s currently not in a relationship. Furthermore, he also confessed to being someone who likes going commando from time to time.

“I’m single,” he said to the cheers of women in the audience.

“Someone answered for you or was just praying, ‘Yes!'” Ellen DeGeneres quipped. “So you’re single and you’re very successful. You’re doing very well. Life is good.”

“And I got boxers with your name on it now,” Eastwood added. “I am wearing it. I’ve never been on your show before. I got here and I got off the plane and I didn’t have any underwear or wasn’t wearing any underwear, but now I have underwear.”

Good to know!