WATCH: Meghan Trainor’s ‘Better’ Music Video Will Give You All of the Feels and None of the Good Kind

Meghan Trainor released a music video for “Better” featuring Beau Bridges as her grandfather who struggles with substance abuse that will wipe clean any residual fun you had left over from “All About That Bass”.

In the short film, Trainor is a hair stylist that bails Bridges out of jail and recovers him from the bathrooms of bars when he passes out. Yo Gotti, who is also featured on the track, plays the part of the bartender at the establishment her grandfather frequents. We watch as Bridges succumbs to his addiction, grows violent with Trainor, and ends up back in jail after a visit to church and an “I Heart Grandpa” mug fail to remedy the situation.

Watch the video below, but put it off for a few days if more than one thing has gone wrong for you in the past 6 hours.