10 of Cookie Lyon’s Most Ferocious and Fearless Quotes 

Taraji P. Henson Talks 'Alter Ego' Cookie and Gives Hints to Season 3 of 'Empire'
You know you've made it when people dress their pets as your character...

Here’s the matriarch of Empire’s most unforgettable moments!

Let’s face it, Fox’s hit show simply wouldn’t be the same if Taraji P. Henson’s indelible Cookie Lyon weren’t constantly stealing scenes with her fiery delivery and devil-may-care attitude. Not only is the character a newly-minted fashion icon, Cookie manages to keep her whole crew in line with a heart-stopping glare.

This weekend, Henson is up for a Primetime Emmy yet again for her electrifying performance. So, before tuning in to see if she’ll take home the prize Sunday, let’s revisit the Queen of Empire Entertainment’s most saucy, scandalous and downright stunning one-liners from the meteoric drama.

Good luck, Taraji!