Coolio Says Airport Arrest for Possession of a Stolen Gun Was a ‘Misunderstanding’

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Oh, how the mightily braided have fallen.

Rapper Coolio wants us to know it was all a “misunderstanding” after being arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday (Sept. 17, 2016) for allegedly trying to bring a stolen gun through TSA.

According to multiple reports (via People), a 39-year-old man was stopped when TSA agents discovered he had a loaded firearm in his carry-on bag. The bag was later determined to belong to the man’s 53-year-old man traveling companion, eventually identified as Coolio, who was already onboard a flight.

The rapper, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr., claimed ownership of the bag, was taken off the plane, and then he and the 39-year-old man were arrested for possession of a stolen loaded firearm and booked at LAPD Pacific Division jail.

Coolio’s rep told TMZ the firearm belonged to a member of Coolio’s security team and that he was fully cooperating with police.

Then on Saturday night, “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper released a video statement on YouTube, calling the incident a “misunderstanding” and that “everything is fine.” In fact, he was out on bail and enjoying a dinner at P.F. Chang’s. He also thanked his fans for the support.

Coolio added that he would be continuing with his planned appearances, including a show in Indio, California, on Sunday.

This is not the first time that Coolio has been arrested at LAX. He was picked up in March 2009 after drugs were allegedly found in his carry-on bag.

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