James Marsden Regrets Turning Down Role in ‘Magic Mike’

James Marsden is most well-known as the guy who never gets the girl, but despite being constantly slighted on screen, the actor only has one real regret.

In the latest issue of GQ, the cover star reveals the biggest regret of his career is turning down a role in the massive hit, Magic MikeMarsden revealed Channing Tatum reached out to him to let him know he loved his work in Enchanted and wanted him to come on board for the stripper film, but Marsden wasn’t sure he could play a stripper.

“I didn’t know if I trusted myself to be good enough in this to not have my two dozen lines end up on the editing-room floor,” he admitted. “I’d look like a naked extra in this movie.”

James Marsden GQ #2
CREDIT: Sebastian Kim exclusively for GQ

“It’s perfect the way it worked out, but that’s one of the only ones I’m like, Hmm,” he continued. “I didn’t know it was gonna be the massive success that it was.”

Despite choosing some films that admittedly ended up being flops over the blockbuster movie, Marsden stands behind all of the movies he’s made. “I’ve done some films that, on paper, were really interesting and special. And for some reason, when they got on-screen, it just didn’t work,” he said. “Well, I didn’t get to watch the film before I decided to do it.”