Jimmy Fallon Responds to Backlash After Fluffy Donald Trump Interview

When Jimmy Fallon messed up Donald Trump’s hair on The Tonight Show last week, viewers were left with two questions: How could Fallon be so nice to a bigoted presidential candidate? And, what did his hair feel like?

Last night (Sept. 18, 2016), Fallon answered both of those questions and his answers may surprise you. When asked about Trump’s infamous hair, Fallon admitted to TMZ he wasn’t sure the presidential hopeful was going to allow him to touch his hair until about two minutes before the segment and revealed Trump was a “good sport.”

But when it came to describing what it was like to touch Trump’s hair, he wasn’t as nice. “You know like easter baskets, the grass you have in the easter baskets,” he explained. “It’s a fascinating texture, but it wasn’t that bizarre.”

As far as critics who thought Fallon was too soft on the controversial presidential candidate? The late night talk show host isn’t too concerned. “I mean, have you seen my show?” he said before adding, “I’m never too hard on anyone.”