Kanye West Is Brought to Tears by a Fan Proving He Does Have a Heart After All

Kanye West Finally Joins Instagram
Kanye West is biting the bullet and launching his own verified Instagram.

Kanye West serenaded a fan whose “Runaway” tattoo literally brought tears to his eyes.

During his Miami, Fla. show on Saturday (Sept. 17, 2016), the rapper spotted a fan in the crowd sporting a T-shirt with his late mother Donda West’s face on it and a tattoo inspired by the artwork from his 2010 single “Runaway.”

“The girl with the ‘In loving memory of’ and the ‘Runaway’ tattoo right here. You literally brought tears to my eyes,” he said after stopping the show to give her a shoutout.

“Sweetheart, what’s your name?” West asked, to which fans around the girl shouted back “Krystal!”. He then began to sing her name, working it into the melody he had been using.


Meanwhile, West finally succumbed to society and joined Instagram over the weekend. His first post was obviously something artsy, but expect more to come.

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