Who Was That Guy Seated with Kevin Spacey at the 2016 Emmys?

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Kevin Spacey and a Handsome Mystery Man
Emmys 2016: Everything You Need to Know
While the 2016 Emmy Awards have now come and gone, we take a look back...

Who’s your friend, Kevin?

Let’s face it, this year’s Emmys were pretty fluffy. Not bad! Leslie Jones and her plea for privacy was hilarious. Matt Damon’s playful ribbing of his long-running enemy Jimmy Kimmel when he lost in his category was clever, and the Stranger Things kids’ cover of “Uptown Funk” was simply amazing. But it was a night free of any real controversy, which can get dull. Thankfully, Kevin Spacey provided a new, intriguing mystery when cameras cut to audience-reaction shots featuring the House of Cards star seated next to a handsome, be-hatted stranger. So we did some digging…

The mystery man is Evan Lowenstein from the group Evan & Jaron. Remember, they had that one hit song “Crazy for This Girl”?

Well, these days Mr. Lowenstein is apparently managing talent and has co-founded an app designed to give fans exclusive content from their favorite artists called Stageit.

Despite the onslaught of speculation and shipping, according to the Daily Mail these two have a longstanding business relationship. Lowenstein is often spied with the Oscar-winning actor as he reportedly represents Spacey in some capacity.

Here’s the duo at the U.S. Open together last week in New York.

2016 US Open
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Who else feels these two deserve some fan fiction?! Evan & Kevin. Done!