Kim Kardashian Just Took Out a Full-Page Ad to Drag the Wall Street Journal

Kim and Khloe Kardashian Lay Flowers at the Armenian Genocide Memorial
Honoring those who were killed during the Armenian genocide.

As Taylor Swift learned this year, Kim Kardashian knows how publicly to take someone down. This time, the thing in her crosshairs is the Wall Street Journal.

Over the weekend, the reality star took out an entire page in the New York Times to slam its rival publication, the WSJ, for refuting the Armenian genocide. In the full-page ad, Kardashian wrote she’s “no strangers to BS in the press” but just couldn’t sit with the newspaper’s decision to publish an ad denying that nearly 1.5 million Armenians were murdered from 1915 to 1916 by the Ottoman government.

The note was almost identical to the one she posted on her app in April when the WSJ first publish the ad.

“For the Wall Street Journal to publish something like this is reckless, upsetting and dangerous,” Kardashian penned. “It’s one thing when a crappy tabloid profits from a made-up scandal, but for a trusted publication like WSJ to profit from genocide — it’s shameful and unacceptable.”

She added, “It’s morally irresponsible and, most of all, it’s dangerous. If this had been an ad denying the Holocaust, or publishing some 9/11 conspiracy theory, would it have made it to print?”

Kardashian also put WSJ’s reasoning to publish a “provocative viewpoint” on blast and called for the U.S. government to recognize the genocide.

“We have to be responsible for the message we pass on to our children,” she concluded. “We have to honor the TRUTH in our history so that we protect their future. We have to do better than this.”