We Hope Ariana Grande’s $150 Cat Ear Headphones Help Clarify These 9 Ariana Grande Lyrics

Raise your hand if you’re never quite sure if you’re singing the correct lyrics to an Ariana Grande song.

Like most pop divas, Grande’s vocal range is so grand that exploring its distance often takes priority over monitoring lyrical enunciation. This is a blessing because we can shout nonsense verses and blame any errors on “hitting the high C,” but this denial will only come back to haunt you at night when you still can’t dictate the chorus to her latest single. Fortunately, Grande is now selling Cat Ear Headphones that retail at $149.99 on Brookstone, and we can only imagine that, at that price point, they lay the words out for you. Here are nine instances from her previous hits where we hope that her headphones will do the heavy lifting.

1. In “Jason’s Song”:


2. In “Break Free”:


3. In “Wit It This Christmas”:


4. In “Greedy”:


5. In “Touch It”:


6. In “One Last Time”:


7. In “The Way”:


8. In “Focus”:


And just to confirm,

9. In “Side To Side”: