Demi Lovato on Her LGBTQ Advocacy: ‘It Doesn’t Matter What Gender You Are — Love Is Love’ 

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Demi Lovato simply isn’t sweating the haters anymore. The young songstress was named in Women’s Health magazine’s 2nd annual Game Changers list alongside other badass women like Gina Rodriguez, Samantha Bee, Hillary Clinton, Ibtihaj Muhammad and more. For the list, Lovato chatted about defending her principles, even it they’re unpopular.

I’ve just become less afraid of what other people think,” she shared. “The only way we’re going to break through the taboo is by creating the conversation. Compassion is key.”

The 24-year-old also explained her choice to cancel her concert in North Carolina in April in protest of the state’s HB2 law, which allows companies to fire employees on the basis of religion, sex, race, sexual orientation and transgender identification:

“I can be sick as a dog and throwing up between songs and I will not cancel a show. It’s important to take a stand so people can pay attention to the reason. You don’t have to define people anymore. I think love it fluid, and so is attraction. It doesn’t matter what gender you are – love is love.”

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