So Spoiled: Emilia Clarke Says ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Can Expect ‘Another Battle That’s Epic’ 

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After a weeks-long dry spell, spoilers on TV shows are arriving again! We’ve rounded up a few choice tidbits we’re betting you’re going to enjoy for shows like Empire, Supergirl and, of course, Game of Thrones.

If you’re a true Empire fan, then already know that the actor Taye Diggs will be appearing on the upcoming season. The show’s head honcho Ilene Chaiken recently discussed Diggs’ role and how we’re about to see a different side of Cookie Lyon…

“The history of when Cookie met Lucious intersects with this story in the present day. And there’s one other shade for Cookie in this story with Taye Diggs’ character Angelo: Pygmalion.”

Pygmalion is a Victorian play about two men who bet on whether one of them can make a common girl pass for a duchess. Remember the movie She’s All That? Yeah…it’s a modern version of it. Does this mean that Angelo had a hand in the shaping of Cookie back when? [TV Line]

Curious how Alex is going to handle the arrival of Superman on Supergirl?

“Alex has been everything to Kara; she’s her family,” EP Andrew Kreisberg said. “Alex has a little bit of a chip on her shoulder about Clark. She loves him and he’s family, but he left Kara on their doorstep. Kara is so excited to see Clark and so excited to be with him, it’s almost a little bit like Alex feels taken for granted, because she’s the family member who’s put in the time. It sets up an interesting conflict between her and Kara in the first couple of episodes.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Catch the Emmys on Sunday? Well, Emilia Clarke dropped by and spoke briefly about what fans will be seeing in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

“I know everything!” she said gleefully when asked if she’d read the forthcoming season yet. And, although Season 6 received loads of acclaim (including taking home the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series), Clarke says, “they topped it.” When asked if viewers can expect another scene that rivals the Battle of the Bastards, she got cagey and replied: “There’s another battle that’s epic.” [TV Line]

Dying to see Ghost Rider arrive on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Actor Clark Gregg offered a taste of what to expect:

“He’s a different kind of threat than anything we’ve faced before,” he said delicately. “It introduces a part of the Marvel world that deals more with strange elements of the Marvel Universe and he’s definitely the villain from hell.” [Entertainment Weekly]