Colin Kaepernick Admits He Received Death Threats Over Anthem Protest

Colin Kaepernick revealed that he has been getting death threats for refusing to stand for the national anthem.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who’s been protesting racism and violence in America by kneeling during the national anthem, admitted that people have been threatening his life.

“To me, if something like that were going to happen, you’ve proved my point,” he told reporters. “It would be loud and clear for everyone why it happened. That would move this movement forward at a greater speed than what it is even now. Granted, I don’t want that to happen. But that’s the realization of what could happen.”

“They either don’t care about what’s going on, or they don’t understand it,” Kaepernick added. “I find it very hard that people don’t understand what’s going on. I think the message has been out there loud and clear for quite some time now.”

Kaepernick also discussed the disturbing death of Terence Crutcheranother unarmed Black man killed by police. “They shot and killed a man and walked around like it wasn’t a human being,” he said. “That’s not right. And they should be in prison for that.”

At this rate, he might be sitting out the national anthem all season.