This Is Why Darren Criss Avoids Alcohol When Playing ‘Hedwig’

Don’t pop the champagne just yet! Though he’s reprising his role of the titular character in the national tour for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Darren Criss is admittedly staying away from alcoholic drinks until he’s hung up his wig for good.

According to the Glee alum, the hardest thing about playing the rockstar on stage is having to avoid drinking.

That’s a horrible idea,” he says of drinking before hitting the stage in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s not so much for looking good — It’s more so you don’t, like, puke on stage,” he explains. “I’ll just be here and have a little seltzer water. It’s fine. There are worse problems than that.”

Criss, who portrayed Hedwig in the Broadway musical in 2015 until Taye Diggs took over, adds that he doesn’t mind cutting back on booze for the chance to play the character again. After all, he’s adamant on taking the show to his hometown.

“I was never not going to do it again. I heard it was going to San Francisco, where I’m from, so the idea of somebody else doing it, I was like, ‘No, no, no, no,'” he shares. “It’s gotta be me! It’s sort of like a homecoming for me.”

“It was a show and a score and a character that I was so taken with as a teenager that, you know, being able to pass on the effect that it had on me to newer people — it is a real torch-passing moment,” he shares. “People always ask what your dream role is, and I say, ‘I’m good.’ This is like Hamlet. I’m serious. It is at that level.”