John Mayer Has a Jewelry Line Now 

John Mayer is branching out with a new beaded business venture!

That’s right, the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer just released the first pieces in his new jewelry collection.

Like the musician, the line embraces a colorful, boho aesthetic, perfect for diehard fans of the crooner (or people who also have the initials JM).

As of right now, the pieces cost somewhere between $50 and $195. The new items are the result of a collaboration between Mayer and George Frost, a fashionable unisex brand.

Items from John Mayer's New Jewelry line
CREDIT: John Mayer

Also, if you’re a fan of Morse Code (c’mon, who isn’t!), some of the bracelets are arranged to spell our secret Mayer Messages like “Born and Raised,” or “Love Is a Verb,” which are the singer’s 2012 album and one of its tracks, respectively.

Head over to the singer’s site to pick out some new braids and beads!