Nick Jonas Compares Frat Hazing to Living in the Public Eye

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Nick Jonas, who stars in the upcoming fraternity hazing drama Goat, said he feels like hazing and being in the limelight are a little alike.

Jonas told Entertainment Tonight, “I like to think that living a public life at times can be a bit like getting hazed. It’s a bit like being unfairly judged at times.”

In Goat, Jonas plays Brett, a frat guy who is hesitant to let his younger brother Brad (Ben Schnetzer) join the fraternity because he knows how hard it is to be a pledge, especially during hell week. Nevertheless, Brad insists on joining and soon the brothers have their relationship tested.

Jonas added that growing up with two older brothers, Joe and Kevin, gave him some insight into that frat dynamic. “We built a great group of friends around us that we were all willing to give each other a decent amount of crap and different things, so we lived it out in our own way. Joe has a tendency from time to time to get a little bit of a hot head. So you got to back your brothers up if things go down.”

Nick and Joe were recently spotted leaving a West Hollywood eatery with DNCE guitarist JinJoo Lee and Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Camilla Belle. Click on the gallery above!

Goat hits theaters Sept. 23.