Teyana Taylor Accidentally Reveals She and Iman Shumpert Are Married

Yesterday (Sept. 20 2016), Teyana Taylor stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and revealed a little more about her relationship than she originally intended.

Wendy Williams wasted no time trying to get information about Taylor’s relationship with NBA star Iman Shumpert, asking the singer if they were indeed married. “Do I call you Mrs. Sumpter, because I think you’re secretly married?” the host asked. “Mrs. Shumpert, um I mean, you can call me whatever you want you know, you’re Wendy,” Taylor slyly replied.

“But are you married?” Williams pressed, to which Taylor replied “Maybe. Maybe not, but maybe.”

Williams let Taylor move on, talking about singer’s growing career, her Kanye West music video, and the adorable daughter she shares with Shumpert. Taylor seemed relieved to have avoided the question, but only a few minutes later, ended up answering it after all.

“I think most importantly, remaining a good person and allowing myself to love again is why I am where I am. I have a beautiful baby, I have a wonderful husband and I’m just…” Taylor said before Williams cut her off screaming, “Husband?! You heard it!”

Launch the video up top to watch the entire moment.